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Monday, September 18, 2006

Using Computers -with internet- In The Classroom

There are various benefits to computers use in the classroom as it can be very convenient for both the professor and the students to communicate and could even enhance the learning process. Although, there are also consequences to overusing the internet as it can lead to an increased reliance on it, which could possibly lead to the reverse of the learning process.

There are many pros to using the computers -with internet- in college classes but the most important reason is because it is convenient for everyone. Both students and teachers benefit from the convenience it provides. Computer-mediated communication tools have great potential for changing the student and faculty interaction and may prove influential in reorganizing the learning process. The student can easily access the material and actually follow what's going on in the class much easier than if they didn't follow up at all online. The ability to access online course material and documents truly helps the student in achieving a stable position for learning. The webcasts also help not only with the student's convenience but also enforces the learning. Research has shown substantial evidence that webcasts help students learn very well in their classes because the use of video is an effective technology for providing instruction.

Likewise, there are many cons to using computers -with internet- in college classes, but the focus that brings the most concern is the increasing reliance on the internet, not only for just the students but for the professors also. First of all, there are many problems associated with the classroom itself when one integrates technology into it. There are often problems associated with digital classrooms that implement webcasts and such other equipment. This may be due to both technical issues and also deployment issues. This implies that because these problems arise in the classrooms, it will affect the learning environment in the negative way as those issues may distract the class. Another main concern of the internet is through email and interaction. Emailing is often times very slow in terms of communicating multiple ideas to other people. Often times students need to email each other because they need multiple questions answered, but because it’s a slow process in terms of waiting for a response, it’s more of a deterrent to the learning than face-to-face interaction. An interesting factor is that emailing and internet use is supposed to increase personal interaction with the professor due to the fact that students can keep in better touch with the professor through email. But findings show that students actually feel that the emailing back and forth process was very impersonal and overall deter from their learning. Asides from all the technical problems, the main problem is convenience. The students can easily take advantage of the convenience that the internet provides by simply not going to class. Many students nowadays rely on webcasts because it's simply an inconvenience for them to walk all the way to the lecture hall. Laziness has been built up in the mindsets as the availability of webcasted classes has truly spoiled them. Many students nowadays spend hours online checking email and other online activities. Because of this, it's more convenient for them to just stay at home in front of their computer to access the lectures online and keep updated in the class through email and the website. It's only logical for students to do that these days because of the convenience the internet has put upon the the college class curriculum.

Summary of Pride And Prejudice

Monday, September 11, 2006

Chapters 5, 6, 7 and 11

Chapter 5
- Lydia with her sisters, except Mary, and Mr. Collins decided to walk to Meryton.
- Darcy arrived with Mr. Bingley and saw Mr. Wickham.
- Elizabeth found out that Mr. Darcy had a living that his father had left to Mr. Wickham.

Chapter 6
- Elisabeth felt ashamed of her cousin, and turned her attention to the more pleasing subject of Jane future.
- Mrs Bennet was fully confident that she would see Jane married in the course of three or four mouths.
- Mrs Bennet loved Elisabeth less than her other daughters, and she thought Mr Collins quite good enough for her.

Chapter 7
Mr Collins makes a proposal of marriage to Lizzy, but she refused it.
- Mr Collins
spoke with Mrs bennet and she went with her husband.
- Mr. Bennet agreed with Elizabeth.

Chapter 11
- In March, Elisabeth was visiting Hunsford, at Charlotte´s invitation.
- Elisabeth had the unexpected happiness of an invitation to go with her uncle and aunt on a tour which they planned to take in the summer.
- Mrs Collins welcomed her friend with the great pleasure, and Elisabeth was more and pleased that she had come, as she found herself so warmly received.

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

Monday, August 28, 2006

A great world cup closes but without much football

The victory of Italy in penalty shoot out before France in the dramatic end of the World Cup one ended a great match, spoiled only by the action on the field.

The organization of the competition, that attracted great amounts of fans, was perfect and Germany one has become during a month in a great celebration.

The Germans have even managed to control the persistent problem of the radical fans, watching of near the great groups, specially those that arrived from England, with cold blood and allowing everybody to enjoy the spectacle without fear to violence.

Only for once, the fans behaved better the players.

In the playground there were few goals, the great parties were scarce, the great soccer players did not shine as were expected and in the areas little action were seen.

The championship was marked by the great amount of fouls that were made and by the players, who threw themselves to the ground and pretended injuries, to obtain to more free kicks and penalties, often encouraged by trainers.

Only for once, nobody has blamed to the referees, who have shone at great level, in spite of some unavoidable errors.

Can the weather actually change our mood? Well, some people think it can, but others think that the way we feel has nothing to do with the weather. In my opinion, I believe that the weather affects a lot to our mood. For example, a nice sunny day makes you feel happy and feel like going out and have fun; while a cold and cloudy day makes you feel depress and with no energy, in most of those days, you just want to be in your bed and sleep.
So, as I've said before, I believe that the weather affects our mood. Don't you think it would be very very boring to have clouds and cold every days?

I will be going to KAUAI on September 6, 1997. And I will be there on 9-11, the day that had saved my life. You see, Sept. 11, 1992 was the day that Hurricane Iniki hit the island and stopped me from fulfilling my plans. You see, I was set to go there. I was going to run away and kill myself. But I was stopped by the mighty hand of God. Hurricane Iniki was my wake up call. Sept. 11, 1997 will be the 5 year anniversary of my rebirth and my five-year anniversary without alcohol.

I have turned my life around and am helping others while writing my "BOOKS OF Life." I owe this to Hurricane Iniki. For it took the hand of God to stop me that time from doing the unthinkable. Really, I will never forget that day...


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